Slow Ventures CRM

Web App

A customer relationship management system.


This project is a customer relationship management system for a venture capital firm. Users of this system can create entries and profiles which include companies and people whom the firm has a relationship with. It’s a great centralized location of information for the firm’s employees to easily access and contribute to.

Points of Interest

  • Developed customer relationship management (CRM) system using Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL, allowing employees to access and contribute to data on company business relationships.
  • Improved platform search functionality by 200% through enabling search algorithm to find multiple or partial keywords simultaneously using Python and Flask.
  • Constructed company, person, and tag archiving system with Python to permanently store investment records by enhancing PostgreSQL database models by 38%.
  • Modularized archiving system codebase by > 25% using Python and Jinja2 to create reusable templates.
  • Achieved 88% coverage of codebase through designing 50+ unit tests for API routing using Python unittest.


Tools used: Python, Flask, Javascript, Jquery, Jinja, Postgres, SQLAlchemy

The Github Repositories are private. However, I can show some code snippets of my contributions.