Web App

Computerized Assessment of Mental Status


This was a project for the BAND LAB at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. My team built this web application intended to help doctors diagnose mental illness in incoming patients. The app gives the doctor the ability to send a playlist of several videos along with questions to a patient. As the patient watches the videos and answers the questions, their actions and facial expressions will be recorded with their device’s camera. The recording will then be sent back to the doctor for analysis.

Points of Interest

  • Created platform utilizing JavaScript, ReactJS, and Python to provide researchers with ability to pre-screen incoming patients for mental illness, reducing exam times by 78% with projected savings of $600 million.
  • Engineered algorithm in JavaScript and ReactJS to display playlist videos in order designated by doctor.
  • Incorporated getUserMedia API, Boto, RecordRTC, Video.js, and AWS S3 to record and store mp4 files for each patient, allowing doctors to view videos at a later date.


Tools used: Python, Flask, Javascript, React, React-Router, JSX, Amazon S3, Boto, YouTube API, React-YouTube, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, RecordRtc, Video.js

The Github Repositories are private. However, I can show some code snippets of mine.